Very kind, knowledgeable professional. Open heart and healing hands. No ego here, just an exceptional healer. MW Barbara is an amazing Healer! Her gift is in her touch and her spirit! I've had the pleasure to work with Barbara numerous times and each visit has helped me heal on a deeper level. She is a beautiful and loving person who thrives on helping and healing others! I highly recommend spending time with Barbara because you really don't realize how much your body needed this 'balancing' until you honor yourself with this experience. CW Perfect name for Barbara's Facebook page. Indeed, she is a healer. I have been fortunate to have met her through a mutual friend. I didn't even know I needed healing - it's amazing how relaxed and refreshed you feel afterwards. Please, do yourself a favor and book an appointment! ND “I always look forward to my sessions with Barb. She has the ability and knowledge to make a Healing Touch treatment a relaxing and peaceful experience. Plus, she’s a caring and kind person. Highly recommended!!!” CW “I experienced an awake rest, if that makes sense… a vry calming, restful time. My energy is beginning to come alive. Balance, restoration, clarity recharge and focus. Thank You!” KL